Raising Capital Podcast #1

The Capital Advantage podcast is finally here!

After the widespread success of Capital Advantage across North America, the next step in impacting companies to raise capital has arrived! If you haven’t been able to make it to one of our conferences, we’re bringing a small part of the conference to you.

Today’s Podcast is the first 2016 Podcast in our Raising Capital series, it’s the biggest FREE Global Broadcast we’ve ever done. If you are thinking of raising capital via venture, angel or any other type of investor you will want to download this free Podcast as soon as its released.

We will cover a lot of ground and debunk a lot of the myths surrounding Raising Capital & you will learn exactly what investors are looking for and what you need to do to secure their trust and money.

This Podcast is hosted by our very own Eric Faust who is joined by VC Investor Mike McCormack (Rubicon VC, LiquidSpace, Angel Investor) Mike will also be available for one on one meetings at our San Francisco Capital Advantage event on the 13th of April 2016.


Episode 1: Mike McCormick

I consider Mike McCormick one of the most “reality driven” VCs in the Silicon Valley. His track record speaks for itself, Mike is a tech entrepreneur turned Investor. He founded two companies in college and has never looked back. He’s been an Angel Investor, Management Consultant and a Venture Capitalist. He doesn’t shy away from crowdfunding either, as his latest blog post shows.

You will learn:

  • What Angel investors are looking for versus Venture Capitalists
  • The story of Mike McCormick: From Georgetown, starting two startups while in University, to landing a job at a top Venture Capital fund
  • How do you seduce a VC?
  • How to land a job as a Venture Capitalist
  • The characteristics of a great investment: What makes a successful VC?
  • The criteria most startups are looking for
  • Tips on choosing angel investments
  • What doing great work looks like
  • How to find VC mentors
  • The power of creating a dynamic network
  • Where is Mike McCormick world-class? Which skills define his success?

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Podcast #1 – Enjoy !

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