Raising Capital ?

You know, one of the worst things any entrepreneur can experience is that terrible sinking feeling you get when you know you’ve got a winning product, concept or idea, but you simply can’t get it off the ground or expand it due to lack of funds.

It’s frustrating, in fact it’s soul destroying and it stifles the entrepreneurial spirit. Except for the lucky few, it gets almost all of us at some point. During my career I have owned, bought and sold over 20 businesses. Of ALL the challenges that I’ve had to overcome, not having the money to get the business to the next level , especially when you can literally see it just over the top of the hill, is the most devastating.

I know how it is, I feel your pain. After selling my last business, I decided that I was going to dedicate as much time as possible to do whatever I could to help businesses, and start-ups to overcome as many challenges that I could. Our Capital Advantage events are designed to put you in direct contact, one-on-one with any of our hand-picked investors to help you with your fund raising. It’s unfortunate that many businesses think that the only way forward is with financing and loans, and don’t really know anything about venture investing or venture philanthropy. It’s partly because the whole entrepreneurial finance scene seems to be complex and difficult.  Once you start talking about Non-Equity Financing; Convertible Notes; Convertible Debt and Debt Financing, raising capital for many businesses starts to lose a bit of its shine! I’ve seen many great concept fail simply because the entrepreneur couldn’t reach the right people to fund his project, and didn’t fully understand what funding they should be looking for, or even what was available outside the usual banking system. And yet, if you are able to sit down with a group of professional investors, whose job is to find businesses just like yours to invest in, it can revolutionize the way you look at structuring your finances. Whether it it’s through, Start-Up Capital, Seed Capital, Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3 Venture Capital Funding, Accelerator programs, Angels (angel investors),  Crowdfunding or even Government Grants, there is a plethora of options for those entrepreneurs that truly want to kick start or jumpstart their business into the next big thing.

This is what we present at our Capital Advantage events.

From the hugely successful original Capital Advantage in Vancouver BC, we have expanded out to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin Texas, Victoria BC and Boulder Colorado, and are currently closing in on Toronto, New York, Chicago and Boston early next year.

So if you are looking for Capital for your startup, if you want to expand your business and are thinking of using Venture Capital, Seed Capital, Angel Investors, Crowd Funding or any of the other methods I’ve mentioned in this post then go to our homepage  http://tribeofzero.com and check out the featured event to see if our next Capital Advantage is in your city. If it’s not, then go to the events tab, upcoming events and see the dates and locati
ons for the following months Capital Advantage. Or click this link http://tribeofzero.com/events to see the list.

Raising capital is often more about who you know, than what you know. I hope you let me have the opportunity to introduce you.

Wishing you, your business, your idea, or your concept very best of success.

Stephen A Tye


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