ToZ Social Media Ambassador Program

How does the social media ambassador program work?

ToZ will provide ambassadors information about current activities and major campaigns and events. Logos, brochures, pictures, copy and sometimes videos will all be provided. ToZ Ambassadors can then pick what they would like to use to promote via their online community.

What type of commitment do you need from me?

We are looking for a commitment to become part of our team and to help promote our campaigns or events throughout the year. A blog post, Facebook mentions, or Twitter posts would be great. Liking, retweeting and pinning is fantastic too! The more ToZ Ambassadors engage their audience, the more benefits we can share with our community.

What incentives are there for me?

toz ambassador logoNot only will you receive a ToZ Social Media Ambassador Program Badge to display on your online mediums, but we will also feature you on our Social Media Ambassadors page, and repost and retweet anything you put out there about ToZ. Other incentives are, Advanced Notice of up and coming events and Masterclasses, Discounted Tickets, Annual ToZ Ambassadors Dinner, and we are working on our own brand of ToZ Ambassadors Only Chocolate!

How do I join?

Simply email us and we will get the ball rolling for you : )

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions regarding the ToZ Social Media Ambassador Program, just give us call or send us an email : )


PHONE: +1 (250) 590-9009